104 - 1175 Cook Street

Open 6 days a week

Tooks on Cook - Bakery & Cafe

Here at Tooks on Cook, we have a saying, "there is no point in doing something if you're not going to do it right."

We feel that reflects in both our attitude and in the food we make. Everything at our establishment is made and

sold fresh everyday. Our dedicated bakers are here at 2:30 every morning creating the quality foods you have

come accustomed to seeing each day on your way to work. If it's a coffee and muffin in the morning or a sandwich

and soup at lunch , our fair prices will fill your stomach without breaking the bank.

For those out there wondering about our name, we can only tell you this; a long time ago, when the age of sail

was in its prime, my Grandfather's father, Jedidiah Took, was a great sea captain, who had a taste for fine pastry.

So in an effort to carry on his name and honour his memory we named our bakery after our family's hero.

If you're in the neighbourhood or even if you're many miles away, make the trip to our door and settle in for

something your taste buds will surely enjoy.

Located at 104 -1175 Cook Street, Victoria, BC

Open 6 days a week.


Monday-Friday 7:30-5


Saturday 8:30-5